Friday, October 8, 2010


apologies for the lack of posts in the past couple weeks,
but i aaaam back in the game.
off to make tacos and margaritas, night y'all x


Sarah said...

loving the pics! How cute does Agy Deyn look here??!! xxx

SOFIA said...

замечательное фото!))

sahara. said...

the guy in the...6th picture? with the circle of candles?
i actually know him. arrogant as hell but lordgod he's beautiful XD
love your blog


marie said...

amazing fav is the one with Anja, Freja and co. all my favs in 1 picture! too perfect

Emilie said...

great set of pictures, I love especially the last one :D


hope to see you soon again :)

Christine Lilwood said...

THe first guy is sexy :PPP

I like Agy, i copyied her hair cut :DD

But now i'm blonde no more :( I'm a brunette :DD