Tuesday, July 26, 2011


some photos from a recent trip i took to melbourne.
discovered so many new, hidden places that have just further enforced how much i want to move there. 

i have to share a couple of places really worth visiting:
manchester press on rankins lane for the decor and bagels
vege bar on brunswick st for a ridiculously good, extensive menu
mag nation-third level for peace and quiet and any magazine you could possibly want
the warehouse on elizabeth st for drinks/coffee/hangs
bimbo on brunswick st for $4 pizzas and a whole lotta comfy couches 
madame brussels for pretty outdoor settings and drinks 
 and centre place.. because it will always be my favourite place in melbourne

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what is life

what is life? seriously. WHAT is it?
i don't know why i keep coming back to this question.
if anyone knows of anything life changing/perspective altering i can read/watch/listen to, please share! 
i want something fresh and different to change the way i look and feel about things.
i think i'm having a quarter life crisis.