Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why can’t I keep you safe as my own,
one moment I have you the next you are gone.

Friday, May 28, 2010

on repeat

if there was ever such a thing as perfection, i think this guy would come pretty damn close.
chances are, he's a self-absorbed egomaniac. i don't really care though, he can sing to me anyday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

listening to this in headphones really loud is like pumpkin soup for your ears

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

backstage rafw


photos by oyster

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RAFW 2010

My first show was off-site in a stark white showroom on Pitt Street. Expecting to be an usher for the show, I was a little surprised when they announced they needed two model dressers. I very hesitantly put my hand up for the role, having no clue what to expect but attempting to stick with the vow I made to open myself to all opportunities. Haha so lame.. but it definitely worked for me on this occasion. Being up and close to this beautiful collection inspired by 'lands afar' was so special. Although I freaked out a little about what to do, and had a mini heart attack when I saw Tallulah Morton, I was so so lucky to be assigned to the girl pictured below, Ashley. So cooperative and friendly. I've definitely fallen a little in love with this collection.

Here's hoping Camilla and Marc will follow the trend and open up shop on Rundle Street so I can frequently drool over all this beauty.

I really loved how well the orange eyes worked with the gold jewellery, such a beautiful combination. The rings were brilliant to say the least and they had these beautiful chunky gold chain bracelets that were layered on. The nose rings added just the right amount of edge to the all the soft colours and swishy fabrics. We were ordered to make sure we collected the nose rings from the models but I overheard that one volunteer ended up sneakily giving it to her model and whispering "TAKE IT"! I don't blame her really, I was so tempted to do the same thing, they just looked so damn good on the models. So.. I think it's definitely safe to say that Camilla and Marc's first foray into jewellery was a huge success.

I really like this jacket.
The leather looks so buttery soft.

NEED this ring.
As soon as I arrived home I jumped on the Camilla and Marc website and demanded to know when they'd be in stores.

a-mazing ^

The shift finished four hours earlier than I thought it would, so I offered my availability to the volunteer manager who then asked for me to fill in for a show that night...Alex Perry. Bless. Had a bit of a trouble finding my way there, but when I did arrive at this ridiculously big showroom (seated 1,400 of his guests) I was immediately ushered backstage as they were again short on dressers. The head dresser walked us down the racks assigning us. I jumped in front when we got to the girl who did last months cover of Frankie, who happened to be on the same rack as a girl who's on this months cover of Bazaar. Beautiful girls, amazing outfits and both so friendly.



Here are some other sneaky shots I took..
Sneaky, hence fairly dodgy.

I'm getting super restless with this post so I'm just going to finish it up here. My last day was an 8 hour shift that was filled with friggen tedious work. Setup, pack up, and repeat.. every two hours, for the entire shift. 

Highlights included:

- Talulah Morton asking me if there were any spare gift bags. 
- Anna and Boy's hair and makeup (freckles on the girls-so cute.)
- Project Runway winner, a.concept's collection. Never thought I would describe menswear as pretty.
- Humility Couture's eerie tribute to Alexander McQueen and YSL that involved a grim reaper walking the runway.
- Mawlai's jewelled eye patches.
- Premonition's menswear- tights under shorts.. I LOVE!
- One extremely good looking male model.. pictured.
- Nookie's floor length hoodie/cardigan/cape/gown no idea what to call it, but I definitely want one of my own.
- Konstantina Mittas' choice of music.. a live band that used that cool device Imogen Heap used in the vid below.

hey baby