Thursday, March 25, 2010

would it be so strange?

had one of the best days i've had for a long time.
it went like this.

1. i got a big box of goodies from urban outfitters and everything fits perfectly, including this little baby.

i honestly wouldn't even care if i wore it, i'm so content just looking at it.

2.also in that box, was vampire weekend's contra LP.

as if listening to that album on vinyl isn't a treat enough, i also discovered inside was a giant poster of the album cover.

3. cleaned my room and now all my clothes fit in my wardrobe and i don't have things scattered between three rooms. big relief.
although.. the spare room is kind of now serving as a shoe/bag/stuff i don't want closet.

4. last but not least.. the latest RUSHH is now in my hands.

i am going to treasure every page so that its not so depressing having to wait two whole months for the next.

music enhancing my mood:

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